SPARK’s Smart City Consortium of Israeli Smart City Technologies

According to UN report, “World population projected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050 and 70% of that number will be city-dwellers.” Cities across the world are increasingly adopting smart solutions for their various sectors: buildings, energy, security, transportation, utilities, and citizen services in order to achieve better living standards, increased efficiency, economic stability, etc.

Spark Consulting manages a consortium of 7 leading Israeli technology companies of Smart City solutions – The Spark-City Consortium.

We chose the best-of-breed Israeli technology companies and integrated these solutions to offer urban life system that can be integrated with cities current and future systems.

The Israeli Ministry of Economy is supporting our consortium in extending activities to international markets.

All solutions are technology proven and are already implemented in different customer sites worldwide
.Our solutions are modular, and can be developed and adapted to the needs of the municipalities

Our Consortium Advantages:

  • Innovation solutions
  • Wide portfolio
  • Pre-Integrated
  • Interoperability
  • Easy to implement
  • Modular
  • Reference sites
  • Flexible business model

Spark-City Consortium Managers:

Ohad Yemini, B.Sc, MBA

With a rich experience in the international market including eastern Europe, Ohad has extensive experience in identifying new markets, finding local partners, etc.

Ohad led sales of complex transactions in total volume of millions of dollars in the telecom sector and escorted companies from identifying the customer, winning the tender, implementation and maintenance.

Nili Shohet, Adv. CPA, 

Nili has long experience as CFO and as a senior director business development in high tech and manufacturing companies, and served as staff manager in financial department at Deloitte and BDO Israel.

We will be happy to hear your feedback and present our consortium companies and solutions

Ohad Yemini

Smart City Consortium Manager


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