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Spark Consulting is a boutique company that focuses on submissions for funding through grants.

Our team


Nili Shohet


Nili has more than ten years of experience as a business and strategy managing consultant at international business consulting firms Deloitte and BDO.

Nili also served as a CFO and Business Development manager in leading companies in the Israeli market such as Sakal Group and Teco Group.

Nili co-founded FundGuru, a global automatic grant matching platform, with partner all around the world.

Nili also co-founded Yubitech, a technology startup in the field of telecommunications. As the business development and marketing manager of Yubitech Nili was a key person in raising investment for the company, established joint ventures and acquired partners and early stage customers for the firm.

Nili has vast experience in applying for various governmental support funds, including the Chief Scientist – Technological Incubators Program, Early-Stage Companies Program, Traditional Companies Programs, R&D fund, Technology for Special Needs; grants from the Ministry of Economics – Smart Money and supporting companies incorporated into SAAS, Environmental Protection Agency grants – Submission of public appeals from a variety of companies and enterprises in the field of waste and recycling field, and submission of PQ for tenders combined with cooperation with international companies.

Nili has a vast experience in writing business plans and marketing plans, in fund raising including writing and analyzing financial reports, budgets and cash flow plans.

Nili is a CPA and holds an LL.B. in Law and an MBA specializing in marketing & entrepreneurial strategy, all of which from Tel-Aviv University.


Shirly Dar


Shirly has extensive experience in managing client portfolios and business development of pharmaceutical and high-tech companies in Israel. Among them are GSK, Eldan, Ami Technologies, ABBOTT and more.

Shirley has experience in preparing business plans and applying medical devices and food technology companies for the Chief Scientist grants (Medical Devices is the leading field in receiving Chief Scientist grants) – Tnufa, Traditional Companies programs, Early-Stage Companies programs, BioPharma grants, etc.

As a client portfolios director, Shirly has deep knowledge with the Ministry of Health, submitting products to the health basket, procedures and regulations in the field of pharmaceuticals and foods department and economically analyzing products in the field.

Shirly was responsible for the creation of strategic plans for key customer activities. In her work she was responsible for mapping and building stronger trade relations with key customers in the health market including Clalit Health Services, Maccabi, Meuhedet and Leumit, as well as Israeli hospitals such as Ichilov, Rambam, Shiba, The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, The Ministry of Health and The Ministry of Defense.

Shirly has a bachelor’s degree with honors in human nutrition from the Hebrew University and an MBA with a specialization in High-Tech companies from the College of Management.


Eylon Erlich

The Grant Request Writing Team's Director

Eylon specializes in writing business plans, establishing cash flow, and developing budgets for businesses. Elon has substantial experience submitting membership applications to a variety of innovation programs (formerly the Chief Scientist), such as: The Start-up Enterprises program, MOFET program (for traditional companies), Tnufa, R&D fund, Acceleration program (pilots), Mimshaltech program, and many others. He also submitted dozens of requests for assistance to the Foreign Trade Administration’s marketing programs (the “Smart Money” program and the SHALAV program), requests for assistance in establishing and expanding businesses through the Investment Authority’s grant route, and requests for land allocation.

Prior to joining Spark Consulting, Eylon worked as a budget manager and project manager at a prominent investment firm.

Eylon holds a BA in Economics.


Shlomi Baruch

Sales and Marketing Manager

Has extensive experience in marketing and sales, both on the service provider and client sides.

He most recently worked as a client manager and supervisor at the advertising agency FOGEL OGILVY. Among the clients he has managed are IBM, Mercantile Bank, Champion Motors, and others. He has also worked as a marketing manager at the advertising product import company “Pirsum 10,” as well as a vice president of marketing and sales at the “Nitzan Group,” which specializes in the construction of luxury apartments in Tel Aviv.

Experienced in all aspects of marketing (ATL, BTL, WEB).

Bar Ilan University Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Political Science, Bar Ilan University Master’s degree in Communication and Journalism.


Eytan Mashiach


Eytan identifies, evaluates, and analyzes grants and grant programs on a global scale.

Eytan has a master’s degree in history and literature from the University of Munich, and he recently completed his doctoral studies in history and sociology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Free University of Berlin.


Yoni Kelberman

Grant applications writer

Has extensive experience in business writing and financial forecasting.

As a financial advisor, he has worked on budgets for businesses, valuations for companies and projects, business plans and economic works, strategic plans for business development, economic feasibility testing, fundraising from various sources, including foundations, economic mediation and conciliation processes, and economic mediation and conciliation processes.

Yoni holds a bachelor’s degree with honors from the Department of Photography at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Accounting from the Hebrew University.

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